8 easy ways To Revamp Your bathroom On A budget

assistant design editor Jennifer Koper shares quick and budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas.
Bathrooms are so hardworking yet often overlooked. has it been a while since you’ve paid attention to yours? Here’s the good news: if the major finishes are still in good condition, they’re neutral or you’re simply not ready to undertake a full reno right now, there are ways to give the space an budget-friendly refresh. Do them all, or take your pick — they vary in cost, but all keep budget top of mind.

A stylish shower curtain is a great opportunity to add texture, color or even pattern into your bathroom, but it can be hard to nail the right look. Confession: I once spent almost a year checking the shower curtain section of every store to find a material that looked just right and didn’t have a plasticky feel. Since then, I’ve learned it’s better to hit the fabric shops and create a completely custom look, like designer Cameron MacNeil did in editor-in-chief Beth Hitchcock‘s bathroom. rather than sewing the fabric into a curtain, a more economical choice is to purchase a set of ready-made drapes in the right length for your shower, and use a shower curtain liner to protect the fabric.

Photographer: Stacey Brandford

Source: house & home fall kitchen and bath SIP 2012

Designer: Cameron MacNeil

Replace a dated or builder-basic mirror with something fresh. There are some great budget-friendly options on the market now to suit anyone’s style. You might be surprised how this simple move can make a big difference. The Hub from Umbra hits the nail on the head with its coveted round shape and on-trend matte black, rubber frame.

Source: Umbra

Products: Hub Mirror, $180

Sometimes a standard bath mat in a small 2’ x 3’ size just doesn’t cut it. I like to expand my search to rugs that aren’t designed specifically for the bathroom if I want something special. maybe you can just lay down a small, simple bath mat outside the shower, but would prefer a more standout one with a pop of color by your vanity. Turkish, Moroccan and vintage rugs often come in small, irregular shapes that tend to be perfect for bathrooms.

Source: The vintage Rug shop via Instagram

Another quick fix that can be done affordably is to update your lighting. lighting can make a huge style statement and completely transform a bland bathroom. However, it’s not just about the way it looks — lighting in a main bathroom needs to be functional. It’s important to take into consideration how much light you need, and where the fixture is going to be mounted. I often recommend a fixture with more than one light bulb if it will be mounted above the vanity, whereas single-light sconces can be great when used in pairs.

Photographer: Michael Graydon

Source: house & home March 2013; Union Lighting; Rejuvenation; CB2

Products: double Cylinder bath Vanity Fixture, $159; Berkshire double Sconce, $239USD; Vega bath 3 Bulb Brass wall Sconce, $229

Designer: Mazen El-Abdallah & Stacey Smithers

Yes, it’s convenient to purchase a disposable soap pump, put it on the counter and call it a day, but consider the environmental factor, as well as the cost. I love the simplicity and subtle fluting of the white porcelain collection from H&M Home. add a matching toothbrush holder and trinket box to keep jewelry safe around the sink.

Source: H&M Home

Products: Porcelain Trinket Box, $13; Porcelain Soap Dispenser, $15; Porcelain Toothbrush Mug, $13

Keeping frequently used supplies like cotton balls and swabs close at hand can speed up your morning routine and make it more enjoyable. consider using beautiful canisters that canTilføj en pop af subtil farve til din bordplade, og hold støvet i skak!

Kilde: Kasse og tønde

Produkter: Mode Azure Glass-dåser, $ 33- $ 48

Kroge er givet til badehåndklæder, men jeg elsker dem også til gæst- og håndklæder. Noget ved et håndklæde på en krog føles mere ubekymret end foldede håndklæder på en bar, og de tager mindre vægplads. Overvej finish og form, så kroge ser smukke ud med eller uden et håndklæde, der hænger på dem, og overvej at installere en ekstra, end du tror, ​​du har brug for – du vil blive overrasket over, hvor ofte en ekstra krog kan komme godt med.

Fotograf: Stacey Brandford

Kilde: House & Home Kitchen & Bath SIP 2012; Foryngelse (top to); Skolehus elektrisk

Produkter: West Slope Single Hook, $ 29 USD; Sommerville enkelt krog, $ 29 USD; Charter støbejerns krog, $ 6 USD

Designer: Cameron MacNeil

Du kan male dine vægge en frisk neutral eller male bare døren i en lys farve. Med den rigtige maling kan du endda tilføje en frakke til din flise eller forfængelighed. Hvis du selv udfører arbejdet, er maling den mest budgetvenlige måde at få den største indflydelse på.

Oplev 6 lette badeværelsesopdateringer for at undgå en renovering

Fotograf: Michael Graydon

Kilde: Hus & hjem juni 2013

Designer: Morgan Michener

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